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Meet the Makers! We have been friends fo

Adrienne and Tia have known each other for 20+ years 💜 We were born two days apart and have so much in common crafting being one of them. Tia and Adrienne love to travel from trips to Chicago for an NYE extravaganza to celebrating life and Taylor’s birthday on a family cruise to Mexico - we know how to have fun. We get a chance to talk almost every day and see each other often even though we live 700+ miles away.

Thanks to Tia we have been brave enough to start sharing our love for crafting with the world. Tia loves making cups, keychains, soap, body butter, and candles. Tia has a 5-year-old son that enjoys crafting too! Adrienne loves talking to him and seeing all the beautiful crafts and drawings.

Adrienne enjoys creating large projects with the help of her husband they’ve created a flower wall and lighted vanity. She also enjoys making cups, keychains, invitations, planner stickers, and all the BDC logos, cards, stickers, and website. Tia is the sister Adrienne always wanted and considers Tia family. Adrienne and her husband Taylor are also Godparents to Tia’s son ❤️ but no kids of their own - Tia is hopeful this will change 🤞🏾.

Our friends have encouraged us to sell our crafts. We appreciate all the love and support from followers, friends, and our loved ones. THANK YOU for all the likes, shares, and purchases.

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